• Celtic Tattoo Ink, Saturday 6pm | Beer Hall

Come show off your celtic tattoo.  The winner will be chosen by crowd appreciation so bring friends and stack the deck!  Buying drinks as bribes is actually encouraged.  You went under the needle to get your Celtic Stamp, now show it off for the crowds approval!

  • Bonnie Knee, Sunday, 3:30pm | Stage B

Men, it’s time to be judged.  There is no second place or participation trophy, winner takes all.  This is a Scottish contest so bawdy behavior and bribery is encouraged.  Wear your kilt and find out if your knees are really better than your Celtic brothers.

  • Haggis Toss, Sunday, 2pm | Stage B

Women, What better way to prove your womanhood that to toss some haggis!  Contest will be judged as the furthest distance a ‘fake’ haggis is tossed.  Due to health, FDA and SPCA regulations, we weren’t allowed to use the real stuff!  Plus, the winner will get to judge the bonnie knee contest.